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fat loss,  muscle toning & building,  strength & conditioning, power, speed & agility,  functional movement  &  sport specific.

I get people results. Whether you’re a newbie wanting to transform, or a high performance athlete wanting to perform - let’s team up & get started, and I'll make sure you get the results you're after!


PERSONAL TRAINER At les mills, takapuna + MOBILE PT. 



Currently a part of the Football Ferns squad and just recently returned from a football scholarship in America, I have lived in high performance gyms for the past 8 years being personally trained and coached by some of the best in the industry. I'm a nerd when it comes to biomechanics of the body, so will ensure we get you moving correctly and optimally to have you training smarter. I will hold you accountable and provide workouts specifically based around your goals. 

Training Style:
• Strength & conditioning
• Mobility
I love to feel fit, strong, balanced and healthy! Looking & feeling great are the bonuses!

• My perspective is holistic & individualised to each client.
• Teamwork makes the dream work! If it weren’t for my teammates and coaches who have pushed me, and held me accountable, I wouldn’t be where I am today!” Let me be there for you, and hold you accountable too!


What clients are saying:

"I like how you combined different exercises (dynamic and bodyweight workout) and tailored specifically for my lower back issue. Thank you for that. You got the professionalism and passion for what you do is second to none. I love your enthusiasm! Keep it up"

"You basically saved my confidence and have helped me so much! You're a miracle worker."

"Annnnnnnd just zipped up a dress I bought months ago that I couldn't fit into!"

"People at work have been saying 'have you lost weight?' 'you're looking good' so that has been awesome!"

"Would love to do a couple more weeks just because I feel like my fitness/ body is all starting to change so I feel like it would be awesome to do a little longer with you!"

"Was so sore all over the next day, abs, arms, butt, but felt great afterwards so would really love to do some more sessions together! Especially because I need some proper training on my technique too."

"Thank you so much for getting me started on this journey, so excited and I so need it- can feel the burn today which I'm stoked about!"

"Just from those two workouts you sent me, they have kicked my butt! Definitely seeing results! You're an inspiration! Thank you!"

"You're always so positive and your workouts and tips are wicked! You've always got something good to say and keep it real - and thats what I think is so important for girls these days!"